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Paint Style Book

Paint Style Book

The Paint Style from Benjamin Moore is a glorious book to guide you in transforming your home with paint, whether using a brush, roller, sponge, or cloth. With more than 180 exquisite images illustrating how to create various tonal effects, faux appearances, patterning and textural designs, Paint Style instills imagination and confidence to interpret your style in a whole new fashion.

Benjamin Moore's experts cover every possible detail to ensure picture-perfect results. From mottling and color washing to strie and stenciling, they provide clear instructions for each technique, plus build upon the basic "lesson" showcasing compelling effect created by layering techniques or changing the palette. The ideal guide for creating custom designs, choosing colors along with the right brushes, and tools of the trade.

Get inspired with wood-grains, marble and limestone look-alikes, tone-on-tone stenciled damasks, or a pearlescent hued wall encrusted with sea shells.

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